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The Studio

Adele Bates design is a multi-disciplinary practice located in Melbourne with an extensive portfolio specialising in residential, multi-residential, hospitality, retail and commercial projects. Each project represents the synthesis of aesthetic sensibility and practical objectives. Taking a holistic approach to every project, all aspects are considered from space planning to the most intimate of bespoke details.

The studio consists of creative individuals who share design expertise and inspiration through a wide range of skills. A collaborative approach within the studio extends to projects, including client involvement and associated consultants. The practice delivers individual design that is well considered and executed from conception, design development, through to documentation and final construction. With a broad range of individual interests and expertise the creative team add versatility and flexibility, providing new ways of thinking for every project to maximise inspiration, achievement and excitement. Adele Bates design’s principles are that of quality, custom design and timeless nature.

Adele Bates

With over 12 years of experience as an Interior Designer, Adele is recognised for her passion and innovation by her clients and industry peers. Adele is an active member within the design community and a council member within the Design Institute of Australia. Her experience lies in many project types from residential, multi-residential, hospitality, retail, workplace and education.

As the director of the practice she has created, she continues to create a truly collaborative and approachable environment for the team, clients and aligned consultants.

Adele believes in continually being inspired and approaches each project uniquely, ensuring it is well considered, well crafted and designed with purpose. Creating high quality design with longevity is the aim of the practice.


Design Development

We seek to develop the unique aspects of every project. Design development addresses the functional aspects of the brief and the visual concept of the design. Through the production of 3D conceptual sketches, scorching of concept images and physical materials we reveal the character of each project, enabling clients to understand each proposed design detail.


Through a superior knowledge of space planning, joinery construction techniques and specific interior detailing, each project is detailed and documented to the highest standard. The high level of technical competency ensures the accuracy of all documentation allowing for ease of construction and the highest quality end product.

Furniture and Finishes

Our enthusiasm to source the highest quality materials and products results in a level of finish to meet every client’s expectations. We pride ourselves on the ability to look beyond the obvious and create a unique conceptual direction for each individual project. Our design library houses a broad range of materials enabling clients to understand the tactile nature and quality of specified products.


Our intention to create a truly unique interior is accentuated throughout the detailed styling of each project. Custom designed furniture is layered with a selection of artwork, accessories and product, all complimenting the client’s existing pieces.

Project management

To ensure that all our clients’ objectives are realised to the highest standard, we also offer ancillary Project Management services upon request. Through regular site visits and supervisions, to coordination of trades and serves. Project programming, assisting with cost management, trade affiliation, on site quality assessment of works and defects inspections are services we provide.


We understand that every project calls for an individual approach. Our team enjoy working collaboratively and closely with our clients and industry peers, outlining the objective with close attention to detail and providing expert advice to achieve the highest possible result.

Space planning

The success of many interior design projects is based upon a spatial awareness and understanding. Be it a cafe, office or unique residential developments, Adele Bates Design understands the operational requirements of different spaces, and how the layout of an interior can influence the spatial experience of the inhabitants.

Product design

The studio strives to design pieces that are aesthetically driven whilst well considered and highly functional. We engage local tradespeople and artisans to handcraft our furniture. Each piece can be customised to perfectly meld with existing or planned spaces.


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